This year’s harvest is set to be in full swing within two weeks, according to Tim O’Donovan Tillage specialist in Teagasc.

According to O’Donovan: “It will be at least the middle of the month before harvesting really kicks off. Perhaps there could be some forward crops down south. However, the way the grain is filling here in Kildalton it will be at least 2.5 weeks before we cut.”

“Winter barley also looks to have good potential at the moment. The six row varieties look really good this year. The two rows are not performing as well as last year. But, it must be remember that last year was possibly the best year ever for two row. So you’re comparing against the best.”

“Winter wheat looks to have good potential. But last year’s winter wheat crop also looked great on the first of July as well, but it didn’t end up as good.However the weather looks settled at the moment. Flowering and grain fill we both in Ideal conditions.

“The winter oats crop looks to be good this year. However, Spring barley crops are a mixed bag really, due to legacy spring issues, particularly seedbed problems. We Really have to wait for the combine result on that one.”