Keenan is now working with IT giant Intel which, it says, will improve data sharing and enhance nutritional analysis.

According to Keenan the new partnership will enhance its processing capability and improve analytics.

The announcement was made IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

Keenan wanted to improve the delivery of its nutrition system and deliver real-time feedback and advice to farmers.

By working with Intel it will have a ‘gateway’ on its machines that will guide the farmer through the mixing process while also collecting data to feed back automatically. The next time the farmer uses the machine the data will have been analysed and changes to the feeding mix sent back to them as necessary.

According to Gerard Keenan IOT changed the way Keenan Systems does business by allowing it to become  more innovative in its business models to accommodate smaller farms with less ability to pay for expensive capital equipment up front.

“IOT has helped us move beyond traditional boundaries to be more innovative in how we partner with companies to develop new technologies and extend our solutions across the globe.”

He said the move is an example of Keenan stepping up the iTouch service and provides the “end-to-end” solution.

“Working with Intel will give us the ability to get all the complicated functionality right, without the farmer realising it’s complicated.”