What goes on in the ruminant is key to profitable beef and dairy production, according to Gerard Keenan.

Speaking at the National Ploughing Championships, he said that caring more about what goes on in the ruminate is a real financial opportunity for beef farmers.

“We know the beef scene is not all about feeding, it’s about genetics and management, but feeding is often neglected. Farmers have good stock and good management, but the feeding can help get you a level of grade spec where 90% are hitting spec instead of 50%. It’s not going to cure the problems on its own, but it’s enabling farmers hit the standards being expected.”

The company, which has been at the Ploughing since 1979, said the mood of the crowd on the first day was great and the site was working well.

According to Gerard, the company has had very good beef enquiries over the first day. “People in the beef business know there are good and bad years and if you are in it for the long term you’ll do ok. Farmers are not happy with what’s out there at the moment, but they know the wheel has to turn.”

Since 1978, the company has expanded and today 90% of what it does is outside Ireland. “We have 4,500 customers here in Ireland and 60% of them are dairy. So, beef is also very important for us.”

The InTouch system, which it was showing for the first time in Ireland, is a service that is based on technology link from the machine to our centre, according to Gerard. “We now have a two-way communication that is enabling the farmer to get the feed right, the right mix, mixed right. Its an easy step-by-step approach and it also allows the farmer to have nutritional support from a distance and allow him an immediate and early modification if it’s needed.”