Italian milk price row: ‘Armed attacks’ launched on tankers

Disputes on the Italian island of Sardinia regarding the price of milk have escalated in the midst of regional elections, with local reports emerging of milk tankers being subject to “armed attacks”.

Two attacks have been noted in recent days by local and national media.

Taking place in the Sardinian region of Sassari, local publication Sassari News reports that this morning (Tuesday, February 26) at approximately 7:00am, a milk tanker lorry was stopped by two men, reportedly hooded and armed with guns.

According to the report, the individuals tied the driver to a tree and set fire to the lorry in question.

Meanwhile, Sky TG24 reported on Sunday (February 24) that an earlier incident involving a milk tanker lorry took place in Orune, near the Nuoro region.

Masked men, also believed to be armed, stopped a lorry and forced the driver out of the vehicle.

The suspects spilled the milk contained in the lorry out onto the road before fleeing the scene, according to the outlet.

Spilt milk

This follows on from farmer protests in the region which broke out earlier this month in relation to low milk prices for sheep milk produced in the area.

The videos show the farmers dumping churns of milk, with the footage below showing farmers on the streets of the Sardinian town of Ottana.

The protest was organised by MPS, the Sardinian Shepherds’ Movement, which posted the video.

According to Euronews, current sheep milk prices have now dropped to 60c/L – well down from the 85c/L on offer last year.

The outlet has stated that the slide is apparently linked to a fall in the price of the popular Pecorino Romano cheese, which absorbs about half of the Sardinian sheep milk production.