For some parts of the country, it was the driest October in 12 years, with Dunsany, Co. Meath reporting its driest October since 1999, according to Met Eireann.

Dunsany recorded a monthly total of 47.6mm (53% of its long-term average (LTA)).

October’s wettest day was reported at Valentia Observatory on the October 23, with 23.2mm of rain.

According to Met Eireann, most other stations reported their lowest total for a month’s wettest day in five to 16 years.

Casement Aerodrome reported its wettest day of the month on October 24, with 7.7mm of rain, its lowest recorded as an October wet day since 1992.

Nationwide, all rainfall totals were below average, with all stations reporting two-thirds or below or their normal rainfall.


Met Eireann reports that most stations reported on or above LTA mean air temperatures, with a few scattered stations in the midlands, east and west reporting just slightly below their LTAs.

Differences from LTA ranged from -0.3 degrees Celsius at Markree, Co. Sligo (the month’s lowest mean air temperature of 9.4 degrees) to 0.8°C at Knock Airport, Co. Mayo (mean air temperature of 9.7 degrees).

The month’s highest mean air temperature was reported at Sherkin Island, Co. Cork with 12.3 degrees (difference from LTA 0.3°C).

The majority of the month’s highest maxima were recorded on October 1 and 6 with the highest temperature reported at Carlow (Oak Park) on October 1 with 19.1 degrees.

Almost all of the month’s lowest minima were recorded between October 12 and 17, with the lowest air temperature reported at Markree on October 17 with -2.0 degrees.

The lowest grass temperature was reported at Carlow (Oak Park) on the 15th with -5.1 degrees.

The number of days with air and ground frost ranged from zero at numerous locations to four at Markree (air frost) and 15 at Mountdillon, Co. Roscommon (ground frost).


The sunniest day in October was on October 1 at Belmullet Co. Mayo with 11 hours of sunshine, according to Met Eireann.

Casement Aerodrome reported its sunniest October day on record (since the station opened in 1964) with 10.2 hours on October 1.

Monthly sunshine totals ranged from 75.9 hours (daily mean of 2.45 hours per day, 91% of its LTA) at Knock Airport, Co. Mayo to 118.3 hours (daily mean of 3.82 hours per day) at Malin Head, Co. Donegal.

The number of dull days (days with less than 0.5 hours of sun) ranged from seven at Casement Aerodrome to 12 at Valentia Observatory.

Generally monthly mean wind speeds were the lowest for five to eight years with Newport, Co. Mayo reporting its calmest October since 2005 with a monthly mean speed of 7.8 knots (14 km/h).