The Beef Plan Movement has been issued with solicitors’ letters from a number of meat factories, which according to the group will “only add fuel” to farmers’ resolve.

The movement has been issued with letters from five factories, according to Beef Plan Movement co-chair Eamon Corley, namely: Dawn Meats; Kepak; Liffey Meats; ABP; and Slaney Meats.

Speaking about this to AgriLand, Corley said:

“Our attitude to them would be we don’t see them as being a helpful move as regards getting a successful solution to the current crisis we’re in; we see it as being an antagonistic move.

“We would like for talks to take place – we think tomorrow is an opportunity for talks to take place.

Our farmers are very resolved – we can see this as only adding fuel to already a very angry group of farmers who are out there because we are basically being left with an unsustainable, unworkable pricing system for our cattle.

“Ideally, we would like to meet with Meat Industry Ireland (MII), some of the factory owners and some of the retailers to work out a workable solution to the problem. We see that as the way forward.

“This move of issuing us with solicitors’ letters threatening an injunction; we see that as unhelpful towards ending the protests.”