Irish-speaking farmers wanted for TV adventure

The TG4 television show ‘Taithi Gan Teorainn‘ is currently seeking two Irish-speaking farmers to take part in its upcoming programme which will be set in a foreign location.

This opportunity is open to both current Green Cert students and recent graduates in the farming sector who have a good level of Irish.

The five-part series, which will focus one episode on farmers, will centre around sending two students or graduates from various professions around the world; the two candidates will travel to “far-flung destinations” to try out their job equivalents in another country.

While there, the show participants will be followed around by a camera crew as they experience the cultural differences that come with living and working in a foreign land, as well as the associated challenges.

The show is produced by Loosehorse Ltd, a company which has over 10 years experience in the TV industry.

Interested in applying?

Applications can be sent by email to [email protected]; it is preferable that applications are submitted through Irish, in order to demonstrate levels of fluency.

Farmers interested in applying are asked to give their contact details, age and a little bit of information about themselves in the application.

Things are running on quite a tight schedule; the show will be recorded in June, which leaves very little time to get paperwork and vaccines sorted.

Applicants are advised to get their submissions sent in as soon as possible, as casting will be taking place over the weekend and early next week.

The successful participants will be required for roughly nine days in June; seven days will be spent working in the chosen country and one day at either end of those seven days is required for travelling.

The experience

As well as getting a taster of their profession in a foreign country, the participants will also be immersed in the culture of the chosen nation – which is likely to be a developing country.

Candidates will likely be asked to carry out some farming duties in the foreign country which are similar to their own profession at home, a representative from Loosehead Ltd said.

If a dairy farmer was chosen, they might be sent to a dairy farm milking an animal other than a cow, the representative added.

Each programme is expected to be 40 minutes long, but this may change; a broadcasting date has yet to be set.

Other professions to be chosen for filming include graduates from the medicine, fashion and business industries, with the profession yet to be finalised; it is thought teachers will be the final profession chosen.

This could be the ideal opportunity for any young Irish-speaking farmer seeking a summer adventure, so applicants are advised to get submitting. “Tabhair dom an caca milis…”