Irish oat drinks are also available…think food miles

There has been plenty of talk about the recent bashing of dairy and beef on RTÉ’s ‘What Planet are you on?’ One thing that stood out for AgriLand was the lack of knowledge on locally sourced produce.

It’s unbelievable how throw-away comments are being said without any explanation or qualification.

The inaccuracies in the programme could take up numerous articles, but this has been done at length by many.

One particular comment summed up the lack of thought put into the advice given to the families participating in the programme.

It was incredible to see one family being told it doesn’t matter what dairy alternative they use, as long as it’s plant based – soya, almonds, it doesn’t seem to matter to the ‘expert’.

Locally sourced

It is people’s personal preference if they want to choose an alternative, but when asked directly what alternative should be used in the context of this programme surely the obvious answer would be a locally sourced plant-based alternative with low-food miles and a low carbon footprint?

Why would soya or almond products be recommended when you could recommend oat milk produced right here in Ireland from Irish oats?

Flahavan’s recently launched its very own oat milk which is available in supermarkets and is made from Irish oats.

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In fact, Flahavan’s even produces an organic oat drink and AgriLand has also featured a small organic producer working on an organic oat drink.

What planet are these advisors on? High European standards and low food miles count for something in reducing emissions.

The high standards which Irish tillage farmers follow when producing their grain are among the best in the world.