Irish heifer prices continue to decline, gap widens with the North

Heifer prices in the Republic of Ireland for the week ending November 6 are down by 1.8c/kg on the week previous and 7.1c/kg compared to the week ending October 9.

Figures from the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) show that Ireland remains in eighth position in the EU deadweight cattle prices for R3 heifer price, at a value of 367.1c/kg.

The EU average price is down by 0.4c/kg on the week previous, leaving it at 373.8c/kg . The fall in Irish price puts the average paid for an R3 heifer carcass here is 6.7c/kg below the EU average.

Source: LMC
Source: LMC

This EU average has been relatively steady for the last number of weeks, confirmed by the fact that it shows just a 0.5c/kg drop compared to the week ending October 9.

A widening price gap

As per last week, the price difference across the border continues to grow for R3 heifer carcasses.

While the Irish price dropped by 1.8c/kg the price in Northern lreland rose by the same margin.

In this context, for the week ending November 6, an R3 heifer carcass was worth 16.7c/kg more in the North than in the Republic.

This widening gap means that a 280kg carcass was worth over €45 more in the North for the week ending November 6.

British recovery continues

Along with the North, prices for R3 heifers also rose in Britain compared to the week ending October 9. The rise in Britain was a more modest equivalent of 0.3c/kg for the week ending November 6, leaving it in third on the league table.

Britain and the North continue to pay above EU average prices by the equivalent of 25.3c/kg and 10.0c/kg respectively.

Although both countries show improvements on the week ending October 30 both continue to pay less than the previous month. The prices are down by the equivalent of 8.9c/kg and 1.1c/kg for Britain and the North respectively compared to the week ending October 9.