The new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) is set to open in January 2023 and is braced to see a number of changes to the current format of the scheme.

The new TAMS, set to be known as the On-Farm Capital Investment Scheme (OFCIS), will focus in on a number of areas – organics, farm safety, and optimising environmental practices on farms.

It is expected, under the new scheme, to see an increase in organic farming investments along with investments to support improved environmental outcomes such as low emission slurry spreading (LESS equipment, nutrient storage and energy efficiency.

Supports for investments that provide clear benefits to water quality, emissions and the environment will also be granted at a higher rate.

These include investments in precision grass measurement; rainwater harvesting and storage; solar panels; heat recovery units; heat pumps, and more.

Moreover, an increased focus on investments for animal welfare and farm safety is also expected to address issues in those areas.

Support for investments in a select range of farm safety items will also be provided at a higher rate, such as: Replacement slats and safety rails/fences; solid covers for slurry stores; livestock handling facilities; crushes and enclosures and associated works; calving and isolation facilities; aeration systems; and some upgrading works, including rewiring.

Investment ceilings

For the general on-farm investments, the investment ceiling is set to be €90,000 at a 40% grant rate.

Areas of target under general on-farm investments will include improving animal welfare and nutrient storage.

For tillage and dairy farmers it will also include investments to aid with precision farming equipment and in the case of the tillage sector specifically, low disturbance tillage equipment.

Investment ceilings for pig and poultry look set to reach as high as €200,000 if specific animal welfare-related projects are undertaken, while general investment under pigs and poultry is to see a maximum grant ceiling of €80,000.

Young farmers (aged 18-40) and women farmers (aged 18-66) are to be given a ceiling for investment of €90,000 at 60% grant rate.

Meanwhile, for organic farmers, farm safety equipment/investments that deliver specific environmental/climate benefits, the maximum is €45,000 based on an indicative investment ceiling of €90,000 at 50% grant rate.

For a partnership, the maximum is €96,000 based on an indicative investment ceiling of €160,000 at the young farmer rate of 60% for two young farmers in the partnership.

For LESS, the maximum is €16,000 for a tanker; the umbilical pump; reel and pipes, based on a grant rate of 40% and indicative investment ceiling is €40,000/holding.

The maximum is €20,000 for LESS spreading attachments based on a grant rate of 50% and indicative investment ceiling is €40,000 per holding.

However, in the case of a joint application by two or more eligible partners under a registered partnership, the maximum grant is €24,000 based on an indicative investment ceiling of €60,000 grant aided at a rate of 40%.

This increases to a maximum potential grant of €30,000 if the partnership qualifies for LESS spreading attachments grant aided at a rate of 50%.