Interviews for new Director General of IFA to take place in two weeks’ time

Interviews are to take place in two weeks’ time for the position of IFA’s new Director General, a spokesperson for the IFA has told Agriland.

A shortlist of applicants has been drawn up for Director General position, which is the new title of the role replacing the General Secretary title. The title change came about following a recommendation from the Con Lucey report.

KPMG has been retained to assist the IFA with recruitment for the top job and while it has not yet been revealed how many candidates are in the running for the top position, it is understood that less than 10 candidates are in the running.

The new Director General will have full responsibility for the efficient and effective day-to-day running and operations of the IFA and will play a key role in the formulation of policy and the development of strategy. He/she will report to the IFA President Joe Healy.

The Director General position was advertised by the IFA in July, eight months after the now former General Secretary Pat Smith resigned from the position following pay revelations.

Smith resigned as General Secretary last year in November, when the organisation came under pressure to reveal his pay. The Con Lucey report then revealed that the pay of the General Secretary was over €500,000 in three separate years.

No details of the pay or remuneration for the position were included in the IFA’s advertisement for the job.

It is not yet known when exactly the new Director General will be appointed to the role, however it looks like it could be in the new year before the appointment will be made.