Over 300 Origin Green companies will be supported in developing measurable biodiversity strategies for their businesses as Bord Bia announces its partnership with the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

As part of this, Bord Bia will fund a dedicated biodiversity officer at the centre.

Over the coming months, the officer will provide advice to Bord Bia on initiatives related to pollinator biodiversity, support members in identifying and implementing pollinator-biodiversity initiatives and develop online resources such as evidence-based guideline documents, information leaflets, presentations and case studies.

From September, there will be a series of online webinars to outline how businesses can assist with the biodiversity crisis, and online workshops for Origin Green members to support them in taking the most appropriate evidence-based actions for protecting pollinators and biodiversity.

Origin Green biodiversity targets set to double

Bord Bia is also today (Thursday, July 22) launching its new ‘Pathways to Nature Restoration and Resilience – Biodiversity Target Guidance’ for Origin Green members to support in identifying and implementing smart biodiversity targets.

The new guidance outlines 16 evidence-based actions for businesses to consider to protect pollinators and wider biodiversity on their land or within their local community.

Deirdre Ryan, director of the Origin Green programme at Bord Bia said that the number of programme members has been increasing “steadily” since 2017 and to date, they have committed to over 104 biodiversity targets.

Ryan said that the plan is to double the number of biodiversity targets set by members over the next three years.

Currently, programme members are encouraged to include at least one biodiversity target in their sustainability plans.

The target can focus on improving biodiversity on their sites and immediate surroundings or assessing how they can enhance, integrate or protect existing biodiversity throughout their operations.