In the black books: ‘Green’ driver arrested following Garda stop

The driver of a vehicle stopped in the west of the country recently is booked in for a day in court following the discovery by Gardaí of a litany of offences.

Taking to social media, members of An Garda Síochána based in Co. Roscommon listed the offences, which ranged from drug driving – under the influence of cannabis – to driving on green agricultural diesel.

There was also the small matter of having none of the necessary paperwork for travelling on the roads, such as a driving licence, insurance, tax or a valid NCT.

Unsurprisingly, the car was seized and the driver arrested.

In a succinct tweet, the An Garda Síochána Twitter account noted:

“Driver stopped by Strokestown Gardaí in Roscommon with no driving licence, insurance, NCT or tax. Driver tested positive for cannabis. Driver arrested and car seized.

“Car’s fuel tested by Revenue customs officer testing positive for green diesel. Proceedings to follow,” the Garda tweet concluded.

Teen taken in over theft

Meanwhile, earlier this week a teenager was arrested in connection with the theft of sheep from a farm in Co. Longford last week.

Confirming the news to AgriLand, a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána said:

“A male in his late teens was arrested in relation to this incident.

He was detained at Granard Garda station where he remains in custody.

The man was arrested in connection with the theft of 22 ewes from the Killeen area of Longford, thought to have been taken some time between Wednesday, February 19, and Thursday night, February 20.

Gardaí confirmed that the teenager was charged in relation to this and is due to appear before Longford District Court on Friday, March 20.