Fertiliser demand slows considerably

Fertiliser demand has slowed considerably this week, according to the IFA fertiliser price survey.

Conducted by IFA inputs project team, it shows that asrable crop sowings for the most part are complete and the majority of cereal crops, both winter and spring, have received their final top dressing.

Grass growth has also been good of late. The demand for CAN has eased and stocks should replenish over the coming weeks. Competition for good business remains keen and suppliers only managed to push through a €5/t price increase for CAN over the last week despite tight supplies.

Silage cutting will commence in earnest over the coming weeks and this should see a lift in demand. It is estimated that 70% to 75% of fertiliser sales volumes for the current fertiliser season have been reached at this stage. Wholesale CAN prices remain unchanged this week at €263/t bulk cif.