‘Tougher penalties for large-scale serial dumpers’ – IFA

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) Environmental Committee chairman, Thomas Cooney, has called for tougher sanctions on serial dumpers who use the Irish countryside as a skip for their illegal dumping.

He has also called for changes to legislation so that farmers are no longer held responsible for reckless dumping by others.

He said: “Ireland’s natural landscape has been preserved over the years by generations of farm families. It is widely recognised that our scenic beauty underpins our tourism.

Illegal dumping of rubble, furniture, electrical appliances and household waste continues to undermine the good work of farm families. Stronger action is now required from Government.

Cooney added that tougher sentences and penalties for large-scale serial dumpers must be enforced.

The IFA has called for changes to existing litter legislation to remove the threat of fines and prosecution for farmers on whose lands others dump litter recklessly.

He concluded by calling on the Department of Environment and local authorities to develop a co-ordinated approach to assist the public in managing their rubbish correctly.

He called on county councils to establish a network of strategically-located skips on civic amenity sites on the outskirts of towns and villages, where people can safely dispose of rubbish, rather than litter the countryside.