ICSA sets date for farmer meeting on beef aid package

The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) has set a date for a meeting of its member farmers to discuss the €100 million beef aid package.

The association has said that the meeting will discuss what it says has been “the biggest question on beef farmers minds” since the package was announced on May 15 last.

According to Edmund Graham, the association’s Beef Committee chairperson, that question relates to who will be getting the money, as well as who should be getting it.

Not a red cent should go to factory-owned feedlots or processors. Farmers are on their knees, this fund must be fairly allocated, finalised and delivered to farmers as soon as possible.

“We have an opportunity now to make sure that this important fund is used to help farmers most affected, and ICSA wants farmers to have their say,” added Graham.

The open meeting is set to be held in the Athlone Springs Hotel next Thursday, June 13. The event is scheduled to get underway at 8:00pm.

As the association does not currently have a president since the resignation of Patrick Kent – with the election of his successor scheduled for June 27 – the meeting will be overseen by Graham, along with Suckler Committee chairperson John Halley and the association’s general secretary Eddie Punch.

Farmer participation at the event is “actively encouraged”, with Graham saying: “This is your opportunity to be heard and to have your say.”

For more information on the meeting, the ICSA can be contacted on: 057-8662120.

In other developments on the beef fund, it emerged yesterday, Thursday, June 6, that the allocation of the €100 million would have a ‘production reduction’ or ‘restructuring’ clause relating to the beef and veal sectors, along with other conditions.

A number of farm organisations have already voiced their opposition to conditions being placed on the distribution of funds.