Recent cool changeable and showery conditions are set to continue over the coming days, according to Met Éireann.

This morning will see most areas remain dry with sunny spells. It will become cloudier generally with scattered showers developing in western counties.

Thicker cloud will bring rain onto eastern coastal areas for the afternoon and evening, the weather forecaster warned.

Many other areas should remain dry though. There will be moderate north or north-west breezes, while highest temperatures will reach 15° to 18°.

Meanwhile, for tonight, other than isolated showers near west coasts – and also near north-east coasts – the night will be dry with good clear spells.

A few mist patches will develop inland, while lowest temperatures will drop to 5° to 8°. North-west winds will be light.

The coming week will be characterised by showery interludes and light or moderate winds; therefore, drying will be good at times but often poor during showery episodes. The afternoons are most likely to get showers, according to Met Éireann.

Spraying opportunities will similarly depend on dry spells between showers, but winds will generally be light to moderate.

Regarding field conditions, after recent heavy rain the ground will remain saturated over much of Ulster, Connacht and parts of Leinster for much of the week ahead, with poorly and some moderately drained soils in these areas waterlogged.

Deficits in the south-west and south-east will generally range between 15 to 25mm with medium soils trafficable.


Tomorrow will have a mix of cloudy and sunny spells. Most areas will have a dry start, but showers will develop widely, according to Met Éireann.

A few heavy showers are expected during the afternoon and evening – especially inland and in the north. Highest temperatures will reach 15° to 17°, in moderate west breezes.

Showers will have mostly died out, and Saturday night will be dry with good clear spells.


Sunday will be another cool day with a varied mix of good sunny spells and occasional showers.

While the morning will be mostly dry, the showers will be widespread during the afternoon – some heavy inland.

They will be isolated before dying out again in the evening. Highest temperatures will range from 13° to 16°, while winds will stay light and variable.