IBC tanks get new lease of life in calf pen conversion

When housing calves there are many different systems and options available to farmers. Building calf sheds can often prove to be expensive in a time when margins are slim in the beef industry.

However, one farmer in Co. Cork has opted to take a rather innovative and cost-effective approach with respect to housing his calves for the first few weeks of their growth stage.

The farmer, Jeremy Holland, took to Facebook to share his idea with other farmers.

He has opted to design his own version of a calf hut using recycled containers.

A number of Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBC tanks as they are more commonly known were sourced.

The cage that surrounds the tank was then removed and attached to the front of the tank (as shown in the picture).

Next, a doorway was made into the container that is large enough for the calf to comfortably fit into.

Finally, outlets were cut in the base to allow any water to exit, keeping the calf warm and dry.

The container is bedded with material of the farmers’ choice, generally sawdust or straw and in colder weather, the calf can be given a jacket to maintain a good body temperature.

Concluding, Jeremy explained that the idea is “a cheap, simple job”.