How to get the best deal on a Case IH tractor this spring

As the wet weather starts to subside and thoughts of field work return, here are Case IH’s top tips for getting the best deal on a tractor this spring.

Buy from stock

Local dealers always carry a selection of new tractors in stock, either for demonstration/display purposes or for customers wanting a quick purchase.

Understandably, dealers are always keen to keep stock moving so there are always deals to be had on these machines. There will also be key models in each range that attract an extra discount, for example the Luxxum 120, so do ask about these, as this might affect your final choice of machine.

Also, with the new-style Puma now available to pre-order, for a short while there will be excellent packages available on outgoing Puma stock, but you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity.

Consider ex-hire

Opting for an ex-hire machine is a great way to purchase a nearly-new modern tractor with low hours and an excellent service history, but at a discounted price.

These deals especially suit owner-operators who buy new or nearly new and then keep a machine for a comparatively long time. Ex-hire units range from three months to three years-in-age and are available from 55hp right up to 620hp.

Local dealers will often have their own range of hire units but if you can’t see what you are looking for on their forecourt, do ask, as they may be able to access ex-hire units from other dealers’ inventories or Case IH centralised stock.

Popular ex-hire models include the Farmall C with Powershuttle, regularly hired to dairy farms and often having only been used by one operator previously. Similarly, the Puma series is a popular choice for contract hire, both in agriculture and construction, with short wheel base (140–175 hp) or larger (185-240hp) units available.

These machines come with a variety of transmissions; choose from semi powershift (ActiveDrive 6), full powershift (PowerDrive) or continuously variable transmission (CVXDrive). As a rule of thumb, the larger the tractor, the greater the savings to be had when buying ex-hire.

Also, when getting quotes from a number of brands, do always double-check whether the horsepower being quoted is the rated or maximum horsepower. On Case IH machines, the number on the bonnet is the rated horsepower, so a Case IH Maxxum 145 actually boosts to a maximum of 174hp.

Always check you are buying the power you need.

Demo the new Vestrum

For those looking for a tractor in the 100-130hp bracket, the Vestrum machine launched just last year is proving to be a popular choice, so do demo it before you make a decision on a new machine.

It’s the smallest Case IH tractor yet to feature the user-friendly and economical CVX transmission, with a large, very high-quality cab and overall finish.

With compact overall dimensions, it’s an ideal choice for mixed or dairy farms, or those requiring a tractor to undertake loader work in a confined area. Each model is powered by a 4.5L, four-cylinder highly efficient FPT engine and operated by the intuitive Case IH Multicontroller armrest.

Models manufactured in 2020 now also feature a panoramic glass low roof to maximise visibility and create an even brighter cab, while still maintaining a low roof height to ensure good access to low buildings.

Unsurprisingly, this tractor is proving particularly popular with owner-operators and if it is anything like the famous CS tractors it will have extremely satisfying residual values too.

Case IH spring offers are currently live until April 30, 2020, so speak to your local dealer today to find the right machine for your business.

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