Some 409 used tractors were registered for the first time for the month of March, capping off a busy first quarter of 2021 for machinery importers.

According to the latest figures released by the Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) this week, which details tractor registrations up to the end of March, some 1,403 used (imported) tractors were registered during the first quarter.

Used tractors

January predictably saw the highest number of registrations, recording some 529 used (imported) tractors for the first month of the year.

The following month also saw a strong showing, with 465 machines registered in February.

Finally, March rounded off the quarter with 409 machines.


This is 367 more than the 1,036 new tractors which were registered for the first three months, according to the FTMTA.

Power bands in new tractor sales

To get a snapshot of the power levels in the tractors that are being bought this year, the FTMTA has provided a breakdown of the new tractor sales in March by power bands.

Of the 239 new tractors registered last month, some 104 had a power rating in the 101-140hp range. 44 new tractors had 161-200hp under the bonnet, while a further 36 machines were in the 141-160hp category.

Looking at the beefier machines, 19 tractors that were registered in March had 201-240hp, 8 were in the 241-320hp power brand, with a single machine rated at 321hp+.

On the other end of the scale, 13 new tractors were in the 50-100hp class, with 14 rated 0-50hp.