How can I protect my herd from infection at drying off?

Norbrook’s teat sealant – sold across Ireland and globally – has been a phenomenal success. Available in 27 countries, it continues to grow as a global brand year-on-year.

The product has been successfully integrated into herd management systems across New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

Additionally, the US is Norbrook’s fastest growing market for teat-seal, according to Chip Whitlow, food animal marketing manager for Norbrook, Inc. US.

Farmers want to produce the best-quality milk in a sustainable and profitable way and have welcomed the support shown by Norbrook through its product detailing, training and demonstration days and knowing that its internal teat sealant is manufactured by a reputable company.

Traditionally, intra-mammary infections in the dry period have been controlled with the blanket use of antibiotic dry cow therapy (DCT).

However, as the industry moves forward and takes the necessary steps in reducing the overuse of antibiotics, we are seeing more farms moving towards adopting the principles of selective dry cow therapy (SDCT).

Norbrook’s internal teat sealant fits perfectly as part of this jigsaw. The principles of SDCT are not new and have been promoted by many milk buyers for several years.

SDCT steps away from blanket antibiotic treatment and instead centres on evidenced based interpretation of whether or not antibiotic DCT can be justified in each cow.

SureSeal is proven to protect the dairy herd at drying-off from new intra-mammary infections.

SureSeal works by forming an immediate physical barrier between the mammary gland and the environment, which mimics the action of the cows’ keratin plug at dry off.

This minimises the bacterial challenge from the cows’ environment and reduces the risk of new intra-mammary infections developing during the dry period.

SureSeal has a safety nozzle to prevent damage and ensure correct placement in the teat canal. The plungers are also orange making them easy to identify to avoid confusion with antibiotic tubes.

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