Amazone has extended its range of one pass seed drills with the introduction of the Centaya 3000 Special.

This new model will replace the AD-P Special which has sold well as a one pass seed drill in Ireland over the past 20 years.

Rearranged format

The hopper, which comes either as a 1,000L or 1,500L unit, is positioned further forward and offers an optimum centre of gravity, closer to the tractor.

Centaya seed drill
The centre of gravity is said to be further forward, helping to keep the tractor balanced

The seed distributor head on the Centaya Special is now mounted behind the seed hopper directly above the coulters. This arrangement ensures a short conveying time for the seed.

It can be reached easily via the loading platform and can then be regularly checked, along with the tramline system which is also easy to set as result of the improved accessibility.

Improved vision

A lower profile for the hopper is said to give the driver a better view of the machine and it fills easily through a 2.30×0.84m hopper opening. This is of particular help when filling from large bags.

The deep hopper tip and steep walls are designed to better direct the seed down to the metering unit, which may be calibrated from the access deck.

Amazone seed drill format
The drill can be mounted to various tillage implements without tools

The Centaya Special is basically a harrow-mounted seed drill which can be very easily and quickly connected, without tools, to the various Amazone tillage implements via the QuickLink quick coupling system.

The drill can can be combined with the KG and KX rotary cultivators to suit the soil and weather conditions, as well as the CombiDisc compact disc harrow.

Centaya coulter choice

This new Amazone drill can be equipped either with the RoTeC single disc coulter or with the TwinTeC Special double disc coulter.

Coulters Centaya special
A choice of coulters and row settings is offered by Amazone on its latest drill

RoTeC coulters are maintenance-free and are said to work reliably, even where large amounts of straw or cover crop residues are present. Two row spacings are available, either 12.5cm or 15cm.

Amazone claims that the alternative high-performance TwinTeC Special is a very precise and sturdy double disc coulter with a disc diameter of 340mm and a coulter pressure of 40kg; the row spacing is 15cm.