Aurivo launched a new website – – on Monday, December 3 and is now offering customers the option to shop online.

Homeland operates 34 retail stores across eight counties; its new online experience will support its customers and reach new audiences, who will have confidence shopping with a trusted agri retailer.

Speaking to AgriLand on Monday, Aurivo’s e-commerce manager – Cleo Devaney – outlined why they have decided to open this new sales channel.

“The main reason we decided to go with a new online store is because we noticed that customer behaviour is changing and we wanted to attract the younger demographic. We know that some of our customer base is online and they are researching products.”

A key advantage to will be the option for farmers and customers to browse and seek out products outside of normal business hours, providing greater flexibility to accommodate busy working days.

“We wanted to have an offering to our loyal customer base, so they can still shop with us outside of core opening hours and also to attract a new audience and now we have a national reach with,” she explained.

A wide range of products will be available and customers can avail of several delivery options.

“In terms of what we are offering online, it’s very much an agri-focused range. We have focused the catalogue to suit our farming customers, with hardware, clothing and footwear as well.

“We are offering nationwide delivery, so if you order before 2:00pm, we can get the product to you the next day at a standard delivery rate. We also have Saturday delivery available because we recognise that our part-time farming customers will need products delivered outside of core hours and outside Monday to Friday.

“We’ve set up a dedicated customer service operation for our online customers, so you will be able to ring between 9:00am and 9:00pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

“We will man the phones and answer your queries and there will be someone there to help you with your online orders,” she added.

The website also features a rewards programme which has been extended to offer customers the chance to collect and redeem points online.

Furthermore, Homeland places a strong emphasis on customer service, while also running a number of special offers both in store and online.

“We have a rewards programme that we currently operate at store level and now we are offering the same rewards programme online. So, for every euro spent, you will get one reward point and you can accumulate these over the year and it gives you the chance to redeem points against your purchases.

“We would always have special offers in store; we do our two-day deals and we are going to offer these deals online. So, any special offers or promotions that we run in store will also be running online.” has teamed up with AgriLand and is now offering customers 10% off their first online order when they access the online store via the AgriLand platform; or just click here