Tonight (Tuesday) will be dry with clear periods with mist or fog forming as the night goes on and winds will slacken and it will become cold, Met Eireann says.

There will be a slight grass frost in inland areas and temperatures will be between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be dry with sunshine in most places and light to moderate southeasterly breezes will develop as the day goes on with temperatures reaching 17 degrees in parts, it says. It will be coolest on southern and eastern coasts.

Met Eireann says that Wednesday night will be dry with clear periods and very light breezes with some frost and fog occurring inland and near southern and eastern coasts. On Thursday it says it will be dry with sunny spells in most areas with frost and fog patches returning again.

Cloudy conditions are likely to develop in many parts of the country on Friday with some rain in parts and southerly winds will freshen also, making it feel cooler, it says. On Friday night a band of showery rain will spread eastwards across the country, followed by scattered showers later in the night, Met Eireann says.

Looking to the weekend, Met Eireann says, showers will persist on Saturday morning but otherwise the day will be dry and bright with moderate southerly winds. These winds will strengthen on Saturday night and cloud will increase with patchy rain occurring, it says.

Currently, Sunday will begin windy with showery rain affecting most areas however, this will clear and it will become dry later in the day with winds easing down also, it says.