The High Court has granted Aldi an injunction in relation to ‘misleading comparative advertising’ by Dunnes Stores.

The German discounter said it was “pleased” with the High Court decision and said that the injunction further strengthens consumer protection.

Following the courts decision, Dunnes Stores will be prohibited from engaging in unlawful misleading comparative advertising against Aldi, it says.

In the judgement, the Court held that “members of the public and consumers at Dunnes Stores have been misled by the advertisements in which Dunnes Stores purported to compare their products with those of Aldi in a misleading manner.

“It is therefore in the public interest to ensure that customers of Dunnes Stores are not so misled in the future,” it held.

Aldi’s Group Buying Director, Finbar McCarthy said that more and more shoppers every week are discovering Aldi’s great quality and value.

“The Courts decision that an injunction will be granted will provide greater protection to consumers against misleading comparative advertising into the future,” he said.

Aldi applied for the injunction after Justice Brian Cregan’s ruling in June that Dunnes Stores engaged in misleading commercial practices in an advertising campaign of 2013 comparing prices of certain products with those of Aldi

Aldi has been one of the fastest growing retailers in Ireland over the last five years.