Herdwatch has launched a new update for its farming app, called Version 4, with several new features.

Version 4 is available for free to farmers already using the app.

New features

The watchboard: Herdwatch compares this to having the farm’s whiteboard or noticeboard in your pocket. It will show jobs that needs attention, and help farmers keep track of important things like cows due to repeat, cows calving soon, animals in withdrawal, planned jobs, and so on.

The ICBF button: It, says the firm, lets farmers look up their animals’ EBI and star ratings directly from Herdwatch by using the feature on an animal.

Batch ‘serves’ and ‘heat’ observations: When using the app to manage their breeding season, farmers can select multiple cows on ‘heat observations/detections’ and on ‘serves’. So when serving four or five cows with the same bull, farmers will only need to create a single ‘serve’ record.

In-app training: New in-app tutorials will supposedly help farmers use and understand the main features – step by step.

Other features of the app include: calf registration; remedy recording; cattle movements recording; breeding management; weight recording; and pesticide/sprays compliance.

Fabien Peyaud, CEO of Herdwatch, said: “The new enhancements to the app came directly from our customers and they focus on the key things that they wanted to make their lives easier and make the app an even more valuable tool for their farming business.”

Herdwatch claims that early feedback indicates that farmers are “very happy” with the new features, particularly with the new ‘watchboard’.