There will be a danger of some heavy, thundery downpours towards the middle of this week, as temperatures are set to reach in excess of 20º, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Monday, will be warm, dry and sunny – with highest temperatures of 20º to 25º. It is expected to be warmest in the midlands and coolest along coasts due to onshore breezes.

Tonight is likely to remain dry with clear spells; temperatures could drop to as low as 10º. Fog patches are likely to develop in almost calm conditions.

There will be plenty of opportunities for drying during today and most of tomorrow, Tuesday. However, conditions look set to deteriorate from midweek onwards, with low pressure expected to dominate our weather pattern.

Similarly, spraying conditions will remain relatively good for today and most of tomorrow. Opportunities will become limited as the week progresses due to rain and increasing winds, according to Met Eireann.

Meanwhile, all soils are currently trafficable, it added. Dry conditions in the southeast of the country may start to restrict growth – with soil moisture deficits reaching 40mm to 60mm.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is forecast to be mostly dry, warm and sunny; highest afternoon temperatures of 20º to 27º are expected. Showers are likely to move up from the south in the evening.

It is expected to be warm, humid and cloudy tomorrow night; there will be a risk of heavy, thundery downpours in some areas. Temperatures are set to remain in the mid-teens.


Conditions will be humid and mostly cloudy on Wednesday; showery outbreaks of rain are likely to extend eastwards and some local thundery downpours are also possible.

Temperatures are forecast to reach between 18º to 22º. Southeasterly winds will veer west to northwest as clearer, fresher weather spreads from the Atlantic during the afternoon and evening.


Both Thursday and Friday are set to be fresh, blustery days with sunny spells and passing showers.

Early indications for next weekend suggest that it will be fresh and breezy with some sunny periods and scattered showers. Temperatures are likely to reach up to around 20º in sunshine, Met Eireann concluded.