Bales of hay and some farm machinery were destroyed during a shed blaze in the west of Ireland last weekend.

It has been confirmed that several units of the Mayo County Fire Service attended a fire in Cong – a village situated on the borders of counties Galway and Mayo – on Saturday night (January 20).

The fire service was alerted to the incident in Creevagh, Cong, shortly before 8:00pm.

A three-bay shed was “well lit” when units of the fire brigade arrived on the scene, a spokesperson for Mayo County Fire Service confirmed to AgriLand.

The shed contained hay bales as well as some farm machinery – which included a tractor and trailer. A silo full of meal was also caught up in the shed fire.

The shed where the fire originated was adjacent to a large sheep shed that contained livestock. This shed had just begun to catch fire when firefighters arrived; they concentrated on saving the sheep shed and containing the rest of the blaze.

Neighbours assisted the fire brigade by drawing water in tankers from the village of Cong, in an attempt to bring the fire under control.

The bales of hay were pulled from the shed and quenched with the help of a tracked machine, the spokesperson for Mayo County Fire Service added.

This was described as a serious fire and took several hours to quench, with units of the fire brigade only returning to their respective bases after 2:00am.