Drawing grain to your local harvest intake point will no doubt look a little bit different this year as Covid-19 continues to threaten in our communities.

This week Glanbia announced protocols for its harvest intake points to ensure that every effort is made to keep staff and customers safe. The short video (below) describes what intake will be like for Glanbia suppliers.

In a statement, the company noted that: “There is an onus on all of us to keep each other safe throughout the harvest period.

“We have drafted a specific protocol for the intake of grain during harvest 2020. The steps in the protocol will remain the same from site to site, but the sequence may vary depending on the setup on any individual site.”

In this short video (below), Donal Moloney – grain manager at Glanbia Ireland – outlines the protocols.

Intake protocols

As is usual when the grower or haulier arrives on site, they should join the queue for either the weighbridge or the sampling point depending on the particular site in question. High-visibility vests should also be worn on site at all times.

Once in the queue, Donal explained that the driver should only exit the vehicle when signaled to do so by the grain intake operator.

Once signaled the grower or haulier should approach the lab or weighbridge office, sanitise their hands on entering the area, keep a social distance at all times and follow any instructions provided by the grain intake operator.

He also explained that, once advised, the driver can proceed to the weighbridge area (and keep within the 15km/h speed limit) to weigh the grain and then proceed to the location where the grain is to be tipped.

When the grain is being tipped and tailboards need to be opened or closed the driver should keep a 2m social distance from anyone in the area.

Once again, when the driver returns to the weighbridge they should not leave their vehicle until signaled to do so and should not enter the weighbridge office unless asked by the grain intake operator.

Drivers should use their own pen to sign the weighbridge docket or use a pen provided and take it with them for future signing.

The protocols also state that “once the weighbridge docket has been signed, the grower or haulier should return to their vehicle and leave the site immediately”.

Glanbia’s statement highlighted the importance of these measures to keep everyone safe.

“It is very important for all of us, that growers and hauliers coming on site follow the steps of this protocol. Having a safe harvest is in all our interests. Thank you in advance for complying and working with us to make sure we go through the harvest period safely.”

Face masks in shops

Glanbia is also asking customers entering any of its retail branches to follow government advice and wear a face mask. This is to protect both customers and staff.

Personal responsibility

Farmers and contractors should also remember that they have a personal responsibility and should carry hand sanitiser and cleaning products in their vehicles and wash their hands as needed and when near a water supply to limit the spread and protect themselves against Covid-19.