Well-known sprayer manufacturer Hardi recently got top results in Germany for its Commander sprayer. In an comparison test at the Julius Kühn Institute in Germany this month, a Commander with AutoWash showed excellent results.

According to Hardi, the machine in question and been designed with excellent cleaning with maximum safety in mind. The machine, which under took the test the Commander 4500, had the lowest chemical amount in the drainable volume test, so the residues which are in the sprayer can be drained without creating environment problems.

The company claimed in the residue concentration test, the AutoWash system reduced the concentration down to 0.02 per cent, which is 12.5 times lower than the demands of the ISO 16119 standard.

Hardi is keen to highlight that its AutoWash system is easy to operate. It said the advantages of the AutoWash system are obvious. “The driver just has to start the wash programme and then the sprayer will do everything automatically. The tested AutoWash system runs the same washing program independent on which tank size or boom width is used.”

Hardi said this gives maximum security in the process. “The target in the development was to dilute the residues in the sprayer down to the lowest possible level, but having in mind it should be the same residue concentration everywhere in the washed area (tank and boom).” It said this means there is maximum security under all set-ups.

Hardi Commander

Hardi Commander

Hardi said the Commander model is designed to meet the demands of the modern professional farmer world-wide. It said this generation of sprayers is designed to lead the way in capacity, reliability, safety, optimisation, ease of operation and precision. It said the commander is a high-end performer designed for continuous use by demanding operators.

The Commander series comes in four different models from 3300 litres to 7000 litres.