Green Rebel, an Irish-owned business established to service the current and future needs of offshore wind farms, has announced that it will create 50 jobs over the next 12 months.

The new positions will include: survey vessel crew; technicians and engineers; data scientists and surveyors; ecologists; aircraft mission specialists; project managers; office administrators; AI (artificial insemination) specialists; software developers; and sales and marketing roles.

The jobs will be spread across Green Rebel’s Crosshaven, Cork Airport and Limerick offices.

The company currently employs 75 staff members and that number will grow to 125 by the middle of 2022.

Need for revolution

Taoiseach Micheál Martin joined Green Rebel to announce the jobs.

The Taoiseach said: “I am excited that this team [is] having such success and innovative plans are in place to drive our supply chain forward and help Ireland become a world leader in the development of offshore wind.”

CEO of Green Rebel, John Wallace added: “The waters around Ireland and further afield are set to become a major source of renewable energy generation and this is an absolutely essential element of effort to combat climate change.

“The quality survey work being undertaken by Green Rebel right now is designed to both protect the environment and allow wind farm developers to harness its potential.

“The company operates a growing fleet of state of the art survey aircraft and survey vessels that capture enormous datasets that are processed by a world class team of data scientists across all disciplines.

“The need for revolution has never been greater.”

Energy security

Founder of Green Rebel, Pearse Flynn said that Ireland “is on the cusp of a green revolution”.

“With an abundance of offshore wind and water available to us, we can produce real fuel alternatives to help deliver Ireland’s energy transition.

“Wind generated offshore will play a significant role in providing energy security and helping Ireland become a net exporter of green, renewable energy. 

“Wind generation will bring ashore electricity that can be used either directly into the grid, or feed exciting new green energy solutions provided by our sister company EI-H2, who are looking to produce green hydrogen at sites in County Cork and beyond.”

Green Rebel is headquartered in Crosshaven.

Plans for offshore wind farms are at an advanced stage with a number of potential fixed and floating operators examining sites along the Irish coastline.