Graphic: 2 dogs shot following midlands sheep attack

Following an attack on 50 in-lamb ewes, two out of three dogs were shot with owners identified, according to Laois Dog Warden – which reiterated a warning to dog owners to control their animals.

In a statement issued last Friday morning, January 17, the county dog warden warned:

“All dog owners must ensure their dogs are kept under effectual, proper control – and accompanied at all times.”

The dog pound operator warned that the previous day, on Thursday, January 16, three dogs attacked sheep on land between Durrow and Ballinakill, in the townsland of Fermoyle, in Co. Laois.

50 ewes in lamb were attacked/worried and scattered everywhere, which were attacked and worried by three dogs. Two of the dogs were shot; owners of all three dogs have been identified.

Continuing, the warden added that the farmer is still locating his sheep and assessing the full damage of this attack.

A number of sheep were shown with bite wounds from the attack on their ears and legs (graphic images below).

“Laois Dog Warden is currently checking dog licences throughout the area and county.

Image source: Laois Dog Pound Services

“All dog owners must have their dog(s) kept under effectual/proper control at all times. All dogs are required to wear an ID tag, bearing the name and address of owner attached to collar.”

All owners must have a valid dog licence for all dogs kept, available from any post office or online at:

Also all dogs must have a microchip implanted and all owners’ current details must be on database.

Concluding, Laois Dog Warden Services said: “If you come across any dog(s) worrying livestock, please report to Gardaí and the local dog warden.”

Image source: Laois Dog Pound Services