Investments on tillage farms are set to be included under the suite of investments eligible for grant aid under the TAMS II scheme.

The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney had come under sustained pressure from farm organisations over the initial exclusion of the arable sector from the new TAMS scheme.

Speaking following the announcement of the Budget for 2016, the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney confirmed that a €35.8m allocation for TAMS II will provide funding for the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme which will be at the higher grant rate of 60%.

Also benefitting from the scheme will be Dairy equipment, Organic Capital Investments, Pig and Poultry and Sheep fencing. It will also provide funding for the recently opened Animal Welfare, Safety and Nutrient Storage Scheme and the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Scheme (LESS).

However, the Minister also confirmed that unlike the first tranche of TAMS II, the second tranche will include funding for arable investments.

“I was conscious of the fact there wasn’t a special scheme for arable farmers who have had a few difficult years in terms of grain prices.

“This scheme will help them deal with price volatility. We would like to fund improved grain storage facilities, ventilation, improved drying of grain, so they can hold onto grain longer to give them more negotiation power as well as drying it down to lower moisture so they can store it on farms longer,” he said.

The TAMS II scheme operates under a tranche system with approximately three-month tranches opening regularly under each individual sector and will continue to invite applications until 2020.

Under the scheme, farmers will be able to avail of grant aid of 40% with eligible young farmers entitled to grant aid of 60% for the equipment.

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