A sale was held on Saturday, April 15, at Balla Mart, Co. Mayo. Excluding weanlings, there were approximately 800 lots on offer.

Due to the fact that it was Easter Saturday, numbers were predictably lower. However, prices reportedly remained undiminished – in line with previous weeks.

Store steers of 400kg or under made between €550 and €850, with an average price of €2.63/kg. The best animal sold from this range was a 385kg Limousin, born in April 2016, which made €1,230 or €3.19/kg.

Steers in the 400-500kg range made an average of €2.40, with the best animal from this line-up being a 480kg Charolais cross born in May 2015. It made €1,270.

Animals of 500kg and over sold, on average, for €2.18/kg. The best priced of these was a 705kg Aberdeen Angus cross, born in March 2015, which sold for €1,575 or €955 with the weight. All in, a good trade was reported but numbers are dwindling.

Bullock prices:
260kg CHX €870 @ €3.35/kg
385kg LM_ €1,230 @ €3.19/kg
480kg CHX €1,270 @ €2.65/kg
540kg LMX €1,395 @ €2.58/kg
620kg AAX €1,575 @ €2.54/kg

Regarding heifers, there were 300 lots this week – again reported to be a good trade. Heifers of 400kg or under made €2.63/kg on average. The best of these was a 390kg Simmental cross heifer, born in January 2016, that made €1,180 or €3.03/kg.

Heavier heifers of 400kg or over averaged €2.34/kg with the weight. A strong trade was recorded and the best of these was a 485kg Limousin cross, born in April 2015, which made €1,470 or €985 with the weight.

Heifer prices:
295kg LM_ €900 @ €3.05/kg
390kg SIX €1,180 @ €3.03/kg
485kg LMX €1,470 @ €3.03/kg
510kg CHX €1,450 @ €2.84/kg

Regarding cows, there was a three-year-old Charolais cross cow with a heifer Limousin calf at foot that made €1,650.

In the dry cow category, these made from €1.76/kg. The best of these was a 820kg Limousin cross, born in December 2013, that made €2,105.

Bull weanling prices:
195kg AAX €705 @ €3.62/kg
345kg CHX €1,215 @ €3.52/kg
440kg CHX €1,300 @ €2.95/kg
Heifer weanling prices:
180kg CHX €660 @ €3.67/kg
330kg LMX €1,105 @ €3.35/kg
375kg LMX €1,200 @ €3.20/kg

The next sale at Balla Mart will take place on Saturday, April 22. Bookings will be taken on Wednesday, April 19 at 9.30am for the bullocks and heifers – and at 11:00am for the cows. Bookings will be taken for the weanling sale on Thursday, April 20 at 9.30am.

The mart insists that “all cattle must have two tags and be properly de-horned when presented for sale”.