The latest Progressive Genetics dairy catalogue “Coloured Dairy Breeds 2021” has just gone to print, the AI firm has confirmed.

The catalogue will feature seven breeds in total, namely; Fleckvieh; Meuse Rhine Issel (MRI)-Rotbunt; Danish Jersey; Milking Shorthorn; Ayrshires; Viking Reds; and Brown Swiss.

Featuring 32 bulls overall, these animals are sourced from across the world, according to Ross Hamilton of Progressive Genetics.

Commenting, Hamilton noted that the bull line-up includes bulls sourced from: Semex; Genus ABS; CRV; Viking; and Genetic Austria, adding “there are two of our own NCBC Irish bulls in there too, two Milking Shorthorns: Ransboro Jigsaw [MS4008]; and new bull Monasteroris Nearly”.

“Nearly is not yet available but will be by the spring,” Hamilton added.

Fleckvieh are the rising stars of the alternative breed section for the last few years.

“I remember seeing Normande cows in the early 90s, then MRIs, Montbeliarde and Scandinavian Reds, so it’ll be interesting to see how Fleckviehs develop going forward.

“We do have a strong offering there with bulls from Genetic Austria and CRV; of these Icebreaker and Varta will be available sexed.

“Wallis has been around a few years now and has daughters milking. He ticks lots of boxes, like Fleckviehs in general,” Hamilton said.

The dairying system is different in Austria; around 90% of the dairy cows are pure Fleckvieh but they are doing close to 580kg of milk solids, which is attracting those looking for something a bit different.

Continuing, he said: “The Danish Jerseys featured will probably primarily go into pedigree Jersey cows. Ben Tyrrell’s ‘VJ Woodtown Horn Hurling’ is the first bull the Danes bought outside of Denmark, which is testament to the work being done up there in Kildalkey.

“The MRI selection is strong, with MRIs they do what they say on the tin – power, fertility, longevity – ideal for frail or extreme cows,” Hamilton added.

Click here to access the new catalogue.