Glanbia’s James Byrne to take up Retail Excellence role

James Byrne, the current marketing manager in the Retail and eCommerce divisions of Glanbia, will take up a new role within Retail Excellence.

Byrne will be the new vice-chairperson of the non-profit’s eCommerce Committee, which claims to lead the way in training, standards and strategic planning for retailers in the area of ecommerce.

Some of Byrne’s new responsibilities include raising awareness among retailers of the importance of online shopping, providing an online presence for retailers and educating them on how to grow and maintain that presence.

“James has been a member of our committee for a number of years and brings his vast experience, individual skill-set and a wealth of ability as marketing manager within the Retail and eCommerce divisions of Glanbia Agri-Business,” said Retail Excellence ecommerce manager David Campbell.

The eCommerce Committee assists us as an organisation in highlighting the importance of ecommerce amongst retailers, promoting best practice through our learning and events and fighting for greater supports to get retailers online.

Retail Excellence is a non-profit organisation that aims to support retailers in Ireland, and currently works with over 1,800 businesses.

The group was formed back in 1995 and says its aim is to “enhance the consumer’s retail experience by developing top class retail standards”.

Retail Excellence is the largest retail industry group in the country.

Speaking about Retail Excellence’s work, Byrne himself said: “Our members continue to share with each other their own experiences and knowledge through our events, workshops and networking.

“We have exciting times ahead as we build on these programmes,” he added.