“Bale Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness” is the message for farmers around the country as Glanbia Agribusiness returns with its successful #PinkBales campaign in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland.

This will be done through sales of a special edition pink Mastercrop Agristretch silage wrap.

More than €25,000 has been raised in the last three years from Glanbia’s #PinkBales campaign for Breast Cancer Ireland.

For every roll of the pink Mastercrop Agristretch silage wrap purchased across all Glanbia Agribusiness and CountryLife branches – as well as online on GlanbiaConnect.com – a donation will be made to the charity.

Henry Corbally, former Glanbia chairman, and James Byrne, marketing manager with Glanbia Agribusiness, present a cheque for €10,000 to Adelle Reilly from Breast Cancer Ireland. Also pictured is Margaret Hoctor from Kilmullen Farm in Co. Wicklow, who won a competition for the best photo featuring the pink silage wrap. Image source: Ger Rodgers

Farmers are encouraged to share photos and videos of their pink bales on social media, using the hashtag #PinkBales – and with good reason.

This year, Glanbia Agribusiness will award a range of prizes for the best photos or videos received through social media.

Supporters can also donate to the campaign by buying a Breast Cancer Ireland trolley token key ring or pin for €2, available through all of Glanbia’s 53 branches.

Commenting on the initiative, CEO of Breast Cancer Ireland Aisling Hurley said: “I’d like to thank the farming community for getting behind the #PinkBales campaign last year and hope to see them doing it across the country again this year.

“We greatly value the #PinkBales campaign, as it highlights and makes people more aware of the importance of taking their breast health seriously.”

Niamh Bambrick and Meighan Farrell

Glanbia’s retail marketing manager James Byrne also commented on the initiative, saying: “This year we really want social media users to help raise awareness of breast cancer in rural communities – not only by painting the countryside pink, but by sharing their photos and videos with us using the hashtag #PinkBales.”

Also speaking on the matter was Kilkenny camogie star and Glanbia business manager Niamh Bambrick, who said: “Breast Cancer has touched the lives of so many farming families and, as a sports person, I’m delighted to support Glanbia’s #PinkBales campaign.

“Farmers get the chance to raise funds that support pioneering research efforts across Ireland for breast cancer, whilst raising awareness of good breast health amongst women of all ages.”

Breast Cancer Ireland

Breast Cancer Ireland has stated goals it strives to achieve.

These are:
  • To create a national bio and patient profiling resource – where the eight designated cancer centres collaborate and share samples, thereby increasing volumes available for all clinicians and scientists to access;
  • To create a state-of-the-art clinical research facility offering translational therapies from bench to bedside for patients diagnosed; and
  • To heighten awareness and education on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages.

For those interested, further information on getting pink bale wrap is available on the Glanbia Connect website.