As winter draws in people across the country are turning for their porridge.

This week, Glanbia Ireland has added another choice to the breakfast shelves as it launched a new product – Avonmore ready-to-eat porridge, which is gluten-free and produced from Irish oats and milk.

The product sees Glanbia Ireland’s dairy and grain sides merge together to produce a product from 100% natural ingredients.

The porridge comes in a microwaveable pot and is ready to go in three minutes.

Barry Foley, who is a research and development chef for fresh foods, commented on the launch.

“Our new, fresh Avonmore porridge is ideal for those busy consumers. Three minutes in the microwave and you have a healthy, natural and nourishing breakfast made in Co. Kilkenny with the best Irish milk and oats from Glanbia farmers.”

Doubling of gluten-free oats area

The product launch comes as Glanbia Ireland expands its gluten-free oats programme. In September of this year, the company announced that it was looking for more farmers to grow gluten-free oats.

Speaking on the decision to double the area of the crop being grown for the company, John Kealy – head of grains at Glanbia Ireland – stated: “Gluten-free oats is a premium grain and delivers better opportunities for farmers.

We plan to double the acreage, albeit off of a small base, to keep pace with growing demands for gluten-free produce.

AgriLand caught up with Mariea O’Toole at this year’s National Ploughing Championships to learn more about the planned increase in the area of gluten-free oats being grown for the company.

Avonmore porridge is now available in a selection of stores.