GDT set to reintroduce product for next auction

New Zealand based international dairy market indicator Global Dairy Trade (GDT) has revealed that it will re-introduce whey powder to its suite of product groups offered on the GDT Events platform.

From Trading Event 212, on May 15 next, Polish Dairy will offer ‘Sweet Whey Powder’, “building on the successful sales it has achieved with its Lactose and Skim Milk Powder products”, according to the organisation.

Sweet Whey Powder was previously available on the GDT Events platform for seven months from September 2014 but has not been offered by any sellers since then.

Eric Hansen, director of Global Dairy Trade, welcomed Polish Dairy’s move to bring whey powder back to GDT events.

“Whey powder represents a significant portion of globally traded dairy ingredients. We look forward to providing the same reliable service for Sweet and Demineralised Whey Powder as we currently do for other major dairy ingredients products.”

Polish Dairy chief executive Mirosław Szczepanski said accessing a respected mechanism for discovering prices in global markets has become increasingly important as Poland’s dairy production capacity scales up.

“Poland is now the fifth largest producer of milk in the EU.

Polish Dairy has already achieved solid sales of Lactose and Skim Milk Powder via GDT Events, and we look forward to leveraging this success across a wider product range.

“Our company is becoming increasingly recognised across international buyer markets for sourcing high-quality ingredients, and we know there is growing demand for whey powder that we can satisfy,” Szczepanski said.

Latest GDT down 1.1%

Meanwhile, the GDT index dropped slightly in its most recent auction yesterday – event 211 – falling by 1.1%.

Lasting for two hours and seven minutes across 14 rounds, 97 winning bidders emerged from the 150 that participated.

A total of 19,508MT was sold on the day. All products were on offer at yesterday’s auction; Rennet Casein showed the most dramatic change in index, with a 10.5% cut.

Butter remained unchanged, while both Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and cheddar saw rises of 3.6% and 3.1% respectively.