Gardaí in Co. Laois have urged farmers to exercise care on the roads and to pull off the road to a safe place to use a mobile phone.

The call comes after the driver of a tractor in Mountrath, Co. Laois, was stopped by Gardaí for using a mobile phone while driving.

In a statement on Facebook, An Garda Síochána Laois Offaly said:

“Mountrath Gardaí stopped this tractor recently as the driver was using a mobile phone while driving.

“We appreciate it’s a busy time of year for farmers and silage contractors but we urge you to pull in off the road to a safe place to use your phone.

“Statistics show that people who use a mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to have a crash.

“It’s not worth the risk to you or other road users. A fine and penalty points have been issued.”


Gardaí also stopped the driver of a tractor at checkpoint in Co. Cork over the weekend, as it was deemed that the tyres on the vehicle were “unsafe”.

In a social media post, An Garda Síochána Southern Region (counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick), outlined that Fermoy Gardaí observed a “large agricultural vehicle being used with four unsafe tyres”.

Image: Garda Síochána – Cork, Kerry & Limerick – Southern Region Facebook page

“The condition of your tyres affects the safe handling of your vehicle and your ability to maintain control or stop in an emergency,” Gardaí stated.

The Facebook post, which has led to much online debate, added that the driver would be issued with fixed-charge penalties for the offences.

Gardaí said that the driver remained at the scene until the tractor could be “transported safely”.