Gardai investigation underway as tractor is stolen from a bog

Gardai in Tullamore are investigating after a tractor was stolen from a bog in Ballykillmurray, near Tullamore in Co. Offaly this week.

A Garda spokesperson said that the tractor, a New Holland 8360, was stolen from a bog in the area and belonged to the McDonald International company.

The tractor was taken from the bog at approximately 3.55am and the registration of the tractor is 98-LD-1584.

Earlier this year, IFA Crime Prevention Executive Colin Connolly said that vehicles, trailers and horseboxes are all easy targets for criminals, especially if they are left unsecured or in isolated locations.

Therefore, the importance of securing and parking vehicles as close to your premises as possible, ideally out of sight, cannot be overemphasised, he said.

He advises that the best area to store these items is indoors or, if that is not possible, away from nearby roads and from easy access.

Wheel clamps are available to fit all sizes of wheel and he recommends that these should be used to help prevent trailers, horseboxes other vehicles from being stolen.

Locking posts are an additional feature that can be installed to provide extra security for trailers, he said.

The Crime Prevention Executive said that the bigger block method is very effective; this is quite simply the practice of blocking your trailer with a vehicle or other object that is larger and more difficult to move in order to prevent it being taken easily.

He has outlined three ways to prevent your tractor or trailer being stolen:

  1. Making A Mark And Keeping Records.
  2. Alarms and Tracking.
  3. When Buying.