Galway Garda carrying out survey on farm thefts

The Garda crime prevention officer for Co. Galway is conducting a survey into farm thefts in the county, and is urging farmers to take part.

Sergeant Michael Walsh has arranged the survey in order to “gain a deeper understanding of the issue” of farm thefts and burglaries.

The research questionnaire will be entirely anonymous, and is looking for farmers who’ve fallen victim to this type of crime over the last five years.

“Any answers you provide will be used in strict confidence so that I can provide the farming community with a better crime prevention service,” Sergeant Walsh explains on the survey website, which can be accessed here.

The survey focuses on farmers’ awareness of property marking devices; if they have used such devices in the past, or if they would consider using such devices in the future.

Property marking

The issue of farm-related theft is an on-going one, with an increasing focus being put on property marking.

In Co. Tipperary, a new initiative was recently launched by the county council there for that purpose, which incorporates a device that will physically mark the property with the owner’s Eircode, reported local radio station TippFM earlier this month.

Speaking to TippFM, councillors highlighted the benefits of the new technology.

“It would reduce insurance premiums; it will act as a deterrent. Signage will be put up in each local area to let people know that we are part of this service, so overall it will offer a sense of safety, security and it will also give people peace of mind,” said Cllr Imelda Goldsboro.

Her colleague, Cllr Andy Moloney, added that: “Things will still be stolen, but it will be easier to recover them.”