Where to buy the cheapest diesel in the country

There has been a 20% drop in the cost of agricultural diesel, according to the most recent fuel price survey carried out by the IFA.

The current national average price for diesel is 51.16c/L.

If you’re a farmer in Kerry, Leitrim, Mayo or Westmeath then you continue to pay above the average for agricultural diesel, with farmers in Kerry paying 54.5c/L.

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has renewed his call for farmers to challenge suppliers to reduce fuel prices in line with declining oil prices internationally.

Looking at the differing prices in the country, prices in Leinster overall are below the national average at 49.95c/L.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA

In Leinster, Wexford has recorded the lowest average price for agricultural diesel with 47.7c/L while Westmeath recorded the highest with 53.07c/L.

Kilkenny, Laois and Longford were the next cheapest counties for farmers to buy diesel in.

Meanwhile, overall prices in Munster are below the national average at 50.85c/L.

If you’re buying diesel for the tractor this week in the region, the cheapest area to do so is Cork North where the average price of agricultural diesel is 46c/L.

Cork West and Clare are the next to cheapest areas to buy it in while Kerry at 54.5c/L is the most expensive county to buy in.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA

Moving west to Connacht, prices overall in the province are above the national average with the average price in the region 54.52c/L.

Galway is the cheapest county to buy agricultural diesel in where it averages at 50c/L while in Leitrim it’s more expensive at 68.1c/L.

Source: IFA

Finally looking to the Ulster counties in the Republic of Ireland, prices are below the national average at 49.83c/L.

All three counties are below the national average with the cheapest county to buy agricultural diesel in being Donegal and the most expensive being Cavan.

Source: IFA

The quarterly fuel price survey is also reporting a 12% fall in car diesel price, with farmers now paying an average price of 102.76c/L, and a decline in the price of kerosene this quarter by 20% to 47.06c/L.