Establishing and maintaining a food-safety culture within business will be explored at an online event that takes place next week, and features a number of interesting speakers.

The event – Food Safety Culture: How Food Businesses and Consumers Benefit – is an open meeting of the Food Safety Consultative Council (FSCC) of the FSAI.

Former commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Mike Taylor; and food safety, quality and animal welfare director at Dawn Meats Group, Brian Hyland, are two of the event’s speakers.

The latter will address food-safety culture from an Irish multinational food business perspective, while the former FDA commissioner will share his views on how adopting such a culture can help save lives, increase trade and improve business.

The FSCC examines issues relevant to all parts of the food chain – from farm gate to fork – and reviews initiatives proposed, or already in place, aimed at protecting consumers and ensuring their health and interests are foremost.

This online meeting will discuss recently introduced EU regulation that requires food businesses to establish, maintain and demonstrate an appropriate culture within their business.

The regulation, which amends an existing regulation, requires businesses to provide evidence of an appropriate culture by satisfying a number of requirements set out in the regulation.

The event will provide participants insights into the role of and consequences of food-safety culture for three distinct groups in the food system cycle:

  • The safety of all of us as consumers;
  • Industry practitioners engaged in providing food for consumers worldwide;
  • Regulators seeking to increase both public health and increased trade.

These topics, and more, will be expanded on during the panel debate which will be chaired by Suzanne Campbell, author and journalist.