From ranches to rural Ireland: US student seeks work on Irish farms

A US business student is currently seeking to turn her skills from the ranches of South Dakota to the rolling fields of rural Ireland.

Nicole Kluck, who is currently finishing her second year of studies in Dorset College, had intended on returning home to South Dakota for the summer – but the Covid-19 pandemic put paid to this plan.

As a result, Nicole is hoping to secure a job on an Irish farm on a full-time basis until college resumes in the autumn.

Speaking to AgriLand, she said: “Agriculture is my background so I would prefer to get back into that if I can.

“I would be veering more towards the cattle side of farming, or even horses. I wouldn’t have studied anything too extensively to call myself a professional, but I’m also a big promoter of regenerative agricultural types and soil management.

My experience is mostly in beef cattle; we grew up raising about 200 head of sheep as well. I’ve been trained in horses since I was 13.

Currently based in Clane, Co. Kildare, Nicole said that, while her experience is mostly in beef, she would be open to dairy or other enterprises, adding: “I’m open to anything; I’ll try anything once.

“I’d love to get back to riding some horses but if I’m working with animals I’m happy. I have a skillset in agriculture so I may as well use it,” the student concluded.

Potential employers can get in touch with Nicole over social media, through her Facebook page here.