FrieslandCampina has raised its guaranteed price for raw milk for October 2015 to €29.00 per 100kg of milk which is the equivalent of 28.03c/L.

The guaranteed price for October has increased by €0.50 compared to September which had a guaranteed milk price of €28.50.

FrieslandCampina held its milk price for September after cuts in August, July and June.

The increase of the guaranteed price is due by the expectation that the milk prices of most reference companies in October will stabilise or rise slightly, according to FrieslandCampina.

This latest price is a result of a rise in prices of some dairy products such as butter, milk powder and whey powder, despite the continuing high milk supply.

The protein price in October 2015 is €473.39, the fat price is €236.70 and the lactose price is €47.34 per 100kg.

The guaranteed price applies to 100kg of milk with a protein content of 3.47%, a fat content of 4.41% and a lactose content of 4.51% and is exclusive of VAT.

The amounts shown apply to an average supply of 600,000kg of milk annually.


Image: FrieslandCampina

EU aid payments to issue to dairy farmers in next six weeks – Coveney

Payments from the EU aid package to dairy farmers will happen in the next six weeks, the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney has said.

The Minister was responding to questions in the Dail from Fianna Fail Agriculture spokesperson Eamon O Cuiv.

The Minister also said that the Department of Agriculture is looking at a flat payment for farmers.

“I’m not going to pay farmers on the basis on the amount of milk they produce and therefore, give larger farmers more money.

“I don’t think that’s where the need is. Most farmers regardless of size will be getting similar payments,” he said.