Friesian and coloured bulls wanted for export

A consignment of bulls is currently being sought for the Libyan market. The exporter – Curzon Livestock – is procuring Friesian bulls weighing 200-400kg and coloured bulls in the 450-600kg weight bracket.

The bulls are scheduled to set sail later this month.

Farmers with the desired breed and spec can contact the following Curzon Livestock at: 021 4897881.

According to Bord Bia figures, some 7,636 animals have been shipped to Libya so far this year – an increase of 3,425 head on 2019 levels.

Curzon Livestock is confident of more shipments of Irish cattle to Libya throughout 2020.

Other export news

Last week, a draft agreement was reached between the government and EU officials to lessen the effects of Brexit on Irish agri-food exports and live animal exports.

According to RTÉ, Irish food exports will gain access to the EU’s ‘green lanes’ network of transport routes after travelling on ferries from the UK to other EU member states.

It is thought that, without such a deal, agri-food and live animal exports would see increases in terms of costs, delays, and paperwork, with the possibility that some ports may in fact not accept Irish live exports at all.

Tim Cullinan, the president of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), said that news of this agreement was “encouraging”.

“It is crucial that there are no barriers to trade or additional costs arising from Britain’s exit from the EU… Live animal exports are particularly important for Irish farmers to put more competition into our beef sector,” Cullinan highlighted.

“While we have yet to see the precise details of what is proposed, and it is yet to be approved by member states, the news coming from the talks is encouraging,” the IFA president added.