The weather outlook as farmers prepare to harvest winter barley

Many winter barley crops are coming near harvest. Crops had been coming in quickly before rain arrived in June.

The rain slowed down many crops and grain fill appears to have been good this season with many crops displaying nice plump grains.

As early crops come near harvest, rain has been the order of the day with persistent rain in the middle of this week.

Weather forecast

Drier conditions are expected over the weekend, but low pressure is due next week and at present rain is expected on Monday, July 13, with changeable conditions into the middle of next week.

At present, Met Éireann is forecasting sunny spells and scattered showers on Friday, with some heavy showers in the north-west. The south is to receive the driest of the weather and temperatures are to reach 17°.

Across the weekend, Saturday is to be largely dry with some sunny spells. Temperatures could reach 20° and are likely to be best in Leinster and east Munster.

Sunday is also expected to be mainly dry. Temperatures in Munster may reach 21°, but the north and west are expected to see lower temperatures of 15-18°.

Winter cereals

Winter crops got off to a difficult start in a wet autumn and winter. Many crops have low plant counts and struggled in the early part of the season, but recovered somewhat as time went on.

Many crops will not be ready for harvest until the later part of July. Many oilseed rape crops have been desiccated and will also be in need of good weather for harvest.

As the first of the winter barley crops come in an early indication of grain and straw yields will be available.

Farmers will be waiting for dry conditions to get off to an easier start and allow crops to be harvested and help to get straw gathered in good conditions.

Safety should be the top priority ahead of the busy season.

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