A recent Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) report noted that 60% of their members list access to supports and training in their top-three barriers to the uptake in digital technologies.

To combat the digital engagement barrier, the Tipperary BCP Network will be launching a programme to identify and share effective tools and methods to communicate digitisation opportunities to farmers.

Through Digital Skills for SMART Farming, participants will receive information and support to understand the digital-based solutions on offer. It will help farmers understand new technologies adapted to their specific needs.

Digital skills are becoming an essential element of modern farm management as an increasing amount of digital technologies focused on the agricultural sector come on the market.

This is also reflected in the regulatory requirements farmers face, such as the EU Commission’s demand that all Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) application be completed online.

Digital skills to farmers

Basic communications technology like a smart phone can still be a powerful tool where farmers are limited on digital training, as jobs and entire industries are changed through digital disruption, those affected should have the appropriate supports required to adapt.

Tina Mulhearne, digital officer Tipperary County Council commented: “The digital skills gap is particularly evident in agriculture and in response, a digital skills model is required to be developed for farmers where they can learn the skills to quickly analyse, assess and implement the best actions, solutions and technologies for their farm business we look forward to bringing this to rural Tipperary through our BCP Digital Network.”

Farmers are both forward-thinking and limited on time; whatever technology makes its way into the fields had better work, and this programme will provide them with the tools to work smarter in a digital era.

Free six-module programme

The programme is suitable for anyone working in the farming community, regardless of ability, age or location. The Digital Skills for SMART Farming will help participants to understand the benefits of technologies for farming and explore initiatives for their farm to encourage the adoption of such technologies.

Modules will be delivered by the the IFA, Teagasc and the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) and will include case studies of participants who have implemented recommendations at farm level.

Attendees will also be offered a consultation with a specialist mentor to create a tailored digitisation plan or strategy for their farm.

The programme will be starting November 2022, at a number of the Tipperary Broadband Connection Points (BCPs).

Tipperary BCP locations

This Digital Innovation Programme is an initiative of the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD). It is designed to encourage local authority-led projects that support digital development.

These projects promote, support, or otherwise advance the National digital strategy, Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework 2022.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by November 7. They can be submitted by clicking here, or by scanning the QR code to the right.


Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) are public locations that have been selected to receive high-speed connectivity as part of the roll-out of the National Broadband Plan state-led intervention area by National Broadband Ireland.

The BCP Initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications; the Department of Rural and Community Development; National Broadband Ireland; the local authorities; and the managers of the BCP sites.

The delivery of the BCPs is well underway in Co. Tipperary and a majority of our BCPs are local community halls.

There are 21 BCP locations in Tipperary which offer high-speed broadband digital services in rural locations across the county which can be used by persons seeking access to e-working spaces and are used for community initiatives such as working with schools and improving digital literacy for all age groups.

Please contact; [email protected] for additional information.