Fonterra’s milk collection across New Zealand for the month of June 2014 reached nine million kgMS, 10% higher than June 2013.

According to its latest update, milk collection continued through June with a small number of farmers milking through winter.

North Island collection in June reached seven million kgMS. This was 13% ahead of June last season. Volumes were up on last season as more farmers continued to milk into winter compared to the previous season.

South Island collection reached two million kgMS, 2% ahead of June last season. Only a small number of South Island farmers provide milk in winter for New Zealand’s internal supply.

Milk collection across Australia for the 12 months to 30 June 2014 reached 120 million kgMS, meeting the same level as the previous season, despite being down considerably in the spring.

Milk production in Australia increased in the second half due to more favourable market and pasture growth conditions along with additional farms electing to supply Fonterra. As a result, collection in June was 16% ahead of June last Season.

The table below shows Fonterra milksolids collected in New Zealand for the 2014/15 season and Australia for the 2013/14 season.


According to latest figures from DairyCo, UK daily deliveries for the two weeks ending July 28 averaged 40.7m litres/day, 2.0m litres/day (5.0%) higher than the same period last year.

Daily deliveries for this period were 1.8m (4.7%) higher compared with the three-year average.